Who We Are
In essentials – unity; In non-essentials – liberty; In all things – charity​

Explore the meaning of membership in the church; whether you are already a member, are seeking membership, or are curious about what it means to belong to a church and to be a Christian in today’s world.​​

Our Church is run by its laypeople who serve on the Church Council and five commissions of the church. The Church Council consists of the Officers, Members-at-Large, and Chairs of the Membership, Ministry, Outreach, Stewardship, and Worship Commissions.​​ Our church is affiliated with the United Church of Christ and the Unitarian Universalist Association.

This is the message that greets you above the entrance of the Community Church of Pepperell. Ours is a warm fellowship with an easy atmosphere of openness. Discover the opportunities offered here in worship, education, music, fellowship, and service. Hearts are opened, convictions deepened and spirits renewed by gathering in praise of our Lord.

An important part of our mission is ministering to the needs of our community. Here you will meet people who employ their God-given skills, talents, and interests to share in this church's work and worship. If you seek a church family, please allow us to welcome you in person.

​The independence of the congregation grants its members the freedom and openness of their convictions but also imposes on them the responsibilities of running the church. Our members support our church in its work, worship, finances, and mission locally and worldwide.