Church Administration

Our Church is run by its lay people who serve on the boards and commissions of the church. Each year at the Annual Meeting the ministry commission replaces members. Here is a list of our commissions and their function, according to our By-Laws.

Church Council
Consists of the moderator (chair of the council), the administrator and five members-at-large serving as regular members; and serving as ex-officio members; the pastor (without vote), the clerk (secretary of the council), the six commission chairpeople; the Community Church Women’s Guild representative, and any other representatives appointed by a recognized auxiliary group of the church.

Provides for the care, maintenance, and improvement of church property, buildings and equipment; oversees finances including preparation of the annual budget, oversight of its operation, management of unbudgeted expenses and handling of loans and invested funds; determines policy for the use of facilities and equipment; maintains necessary insurance coverage; provides for stewardship education and interpretation; plans and conducts an annual appeal for funds in support of the budget; establishes or maintains a church endowment policy; solicits, selects, and accepts and maintains records of memorial and designated gifts; and oversees the operation of the church office.

Oversees and supports the worship and spiritual life of the church; plans and/or promotes activities that encourage spiritual development; assists in planning worship services and in the preparation and administration of the ordinances/sacraments; provides for music, flowers, worship supplies and worship aides (greeters, ushers, lectors, child care coordinators, etc); provides for regular fellowship hours following worship; and procures pulpit and pastoral supply during pastoral absences.

Plans and oversees the church’s ministry of service and caring for church and community members; organizes and maintains a ministry of pastoral visitation; provides periodic opportunities for fellowship coordinating hospitality and child care as needed; promotes the development of small groups within the church; provides training for new members in the meaning and significance of the church and it’s membership; encourages the participation of inactive church members and annually recommends revision of the membership rolls; develops policies and plans programs to encourage church growth

Organizes, implements, and promotes the volunteer ministry program within the church; develops and maintains resource data on member’s interests, gifts, and talents; selects and nominates candidates for elective positions, oversees the selection and recruitment of persons to appointive positions and fills vacancies in elective positions; maintains job descriptions for church positions; provides orientation, training, and recognition for church ministry volunteers; and assesses periodically the need for review and/or revision of the church’s structure and/or mission statement.

Gives guidance to the church’s mission in the community and the world; provides for the means of mission education, interpretation and empowerment; promotes special mission offerings; nurtures understanding and action in regard to contemporary social, economic, and political issues relating to justice and peace; encourages community ministries by members and church groups; and fosters denominational and ecumenical cooperation.

Guides the educational ministry of the church in accordance with the church’s educational and theological principles; determines and implements policy; coordinates the programs and the work of various educational groups (e.g., Sunday school, youth ministry, adult studies, camps and conferences, etc.); offers training and support for teachers and leaders; provides, promotes, and maintains a library of educational resources; and, supervises the use and maintenance of audio-visuals.

Church Administration


The Reverend Priscilla Lawrence

Church Council
Moderator: Michael Green; Clerk: Andrea Hoppel
Patrick MeLampy
Richard Parker
SecretaryLinda Sutherland
SextonHeather Plunkett
Pastoral RelationsJohn Dennis, Holly Gaudette, Linda Sutherland

Council Members at Large




Rosemary Connors

John Dennis, chair

Joanna Reagan, chair

Melissa Ribaudo, chair

Merle Green

Grace Audette 

Jake Myers

Dang Bupphaves

Ross McDougall

Jan Colburn

Scott Nadeau

Becky Torpey

Jean Morse

Kim Green

Linda Wilder

Linda Newell

Lauren Miroshnikov

Floral Management
Jennifer Gavrichev, chair
(open chair position)
Paul Vieira, co-chair
Faun MacDonald, chair

Nancy Hynes
Richard Douglas, co-chair
Debbie Dennis

Betsy Keeney
Gary Myers
Leslee Gragg

Bruce Newell
Jim Plunkett
Janice Green

Heather Plunkett
Chris Russell

Bruce Tourtellot

Legal + Financial

Annual Report


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Application for Tax Exemption

IRS Determination Letter

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Our commissions and their functions.